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The Art of Wine – Meet Lucy

Since this is Lucy’s Wine Blog, thought you might want to see what she looks like.  Again, my friend Phillip surprised us in a big way.  We showed up for dinner last night and he had this on the table.  A friend of his told him about this winery that loves dogs and if you send a picture to then they will put it on the label.  It has the bone at the top, Leader of the Pack.  These are our two peek-a-poo’s.  Lucy is on the left, Bru is on the right.  They are the most delightful little gals you can possibly imagine.  It was made by Mutt Lynch Winery in Somona.  Thanks Phillip, this is a keeper!!!


The Art of Wine – My first 100 Point Wine

Well, I have one to check off the bucket list.  I had my first 100 Point Wine, rated by Robert Parker.  Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 from Columbia Valley.  My friend Phillip surprised me with it, and OMG what a treat!!!  At first glance, it was a very deep rich purple hue, and displayed a medium-high viscosity.  The aroma was black fruits, yet so soft it was just so alluring.  My first sip was intoxicating, no lie.  It was definitely full-bodied yet so smooth, it was almost effortless.  It displayed cooked black fruit, smooth tannin that just melted into a long and generous finish.  It was amazing.  Here is a picture of it.


The Art of Wine – Luxury Wine Pairing

Hey Everybody,….Nina here.

 The 5th Annual Luxury Wine Pairing will be Monday, December 2nd.  It will be held at Sunset Cork Room this year.  Reception at 6:30, Dinner at 7:00.  This spectacular dinner is put on by Sunset Cork Room, Cosmo’s Restaurant and Bar and Cobalt the Restaurant.  Each restaurant has selected 2 luxury wines and will prepare 2 equally awesome dishes specifically designed to enhance the culinary experience of each pairing.  This is a 6 course pairing.  The price is the same as the last 3 years.  $100 per person, includes food, wine, tax and gratuity.  These are the wines we will be pouring this year:

 Domaine Louis Michel & Fils, Chablis Premier Cru, “Montee de Tonnerre” 2011, 2500 cases produced  –  Robert Parker 93 Points

Bethel Heights Pinot Noir, Casteel Reserve 2009, 464 cases produced, Wine Spectator 93 Points

Orin Swift “Papillon” 2010, 6000 cases produced, Wine Spectator 92 Points

Orin Swift “D66” Grenache 2010

Plumpjack Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville Vineyard 2010, 4000 cases produced, Robert Parker 96 Points

Plumpjack Merlot, Napa Valley 2010, 3000 cases produced, Robert Parker 93 Points

 Reservations are required for this dinner and can be purchased at any of the three restaurants. We will only be selling 50 seats and we hope you are in one of them.  We look forward to sharing this exquisite event with you.



251-967-4773 for reservations

The Art of Wine – Napa Visit

Our last day in the California Wine Country was spent in Napa.  Our first visit was with Cade Vineyards, in the Howell Mountain are of Napa.  We toured their Cave, which was pretty extraordinary to see in person.  We tasted four wines, their Sauvignon Blanc, Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon and Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.  I have had the Sauvignon Blanc and the Howell Mountain Cab because we serve them here at the restaurant.

From there we headed down the mountain to the Plumpjack Winery.  OMG!!!  So non assuming, in the middle of a field, during harvest.  It was amazing to see them sorting grapes right there in front of us.  Their wines were spectacular.  These are the wines I am selecting for the Luxury Wine Pairing.  I had never had them before, not a lot to go around.  I will be carrying them now though.  So now I am off to see what the distributor can get their hands on.

The first picture is a view from Howell Mountain, followed by a picture of the cave.  Then a picture of the Plumpjack.

,067 070 090

The Art of Wine – My First Post

Hello Everyone,….Nina here.  I am very excited to start this blog.  I love wine, I love talking about wine but most of all I love sharing wine with friends.  Lucy is our little Peekapoo, who loves to share wine with me.  Her palate is very similar to mine, and believe me I have seen her turn her nose up to some.  I know when she really likes a wine, I can count on it!

I just took a trip to the California Wine Country, thanks to my friend Phillip.  It is harvest in the wine country right now, so everything was hustle and bustle at the wineries.  That didn’t stop us from having a great time.  It was a perfect opportunity for me to put some work into choosing my luxury wines for this year’s pairing dinner, which will be held on Monday, December 2nd here at Sunset Cork Room (more about the dinner to come).

Our first night, we went to dinner at Barn Diva Restaurant in Healdsburg, CA where we enjoyed a bottle of Pahlmeyer Cabernet 2007, a gift from one of Phillip’s friends that joined us for dinner.  OMG is all I have to say.  Unfortunately, that wine isn’t available for our wine pairing.